Why Valerie Green?

I have over thirty-five years experience as an advanced certified personal trainer (CPT) and competitive athlete. I’m a former NPC National Bodybuilding Championship Third Place Finalist and Eastern USA Bodybuilding Champion, Western New England 400-Meter Silver Medalist and on Collegiate Women’s Soccer and Basketball Teams. My current training includes, kettle bells, cycling, weight lifting, rowing, boxing. I enjoy softball, skating, horseback riding, volleyball, racquetball, rock climbing and snorkeling.

My Personal Story

In August 2007, I suffered a severe back injury as a result from a serious cycling accident.  My x-rays revealed that I broke my L1 disc.  For two and a half years I suffered excruciating back pain.  The constant pain was so debilitating that I was not only tortured physically, but mentally as well.  Unable to work and bedridden, my doctor prescribed pain killers, anti-inflammatories, cortisone injections and physical therapy, but nothing seemed to work.  My botched knee surgery experience in 2004 that resulted in constant knee pain when I ran, made me adamant to not having back surgery.  Still suffering, I was disappointed and frustrated.  I finally decided to take no more meds, no more injections or doctors.  I was somewhat certain with the right rehab I might heal and become pain free.

In 2008, I asked my chiropractor who focused on functional spine and rehabilitation to rehab me.  We only did rehab!

I worked with him twice a week for two years.  I still had constant back pain which at times challenged my commitment, but I stuck with it.

In January 2010, after having an unusually painful night, so much so that I almost took myself to the hospital, I awoke free from back pain.  My two and half year struggle was behind me.  In front of me was the long road back to becoming my athletic self.  Immediately but cautiously I started back to work.  Personal training was still my first love, but I wanted to offer more.  I just spent two and half years as a chronic pain sufferer.  As a former competitive athlete who sustained a few quick healing injuries in the past, I am humbled by my experiences and for the first time can empathize with chronic pain sufferers.